About Our School

Mission Statement  


Helpful - To assist and support others in a pleasant way.

Looks like... classroom jobs, hall monitors, attendance helpers,classroom buddies, crossing guards, library volunteers, supervisorduties, mentors, resource sharing, duty sharing, positive communication,flexibility.


E ffort

Effort - to do your best at what you do.

Looks like... active participation, quality task completion, apositive "can do" attitude, excitement about striving for personal best.


A chievement

Achievement - to perform at a high level

Looks like... displays of work, recognition of accomplishments,classroom rewards, performance opportunities, report cards, and testscores.


R espect

Respect - to value self, others, property, and environment.

Looks like... appreciation and acceptance of each other, goodmanners, positive talk and problem-solving, clean building and grounds,appropriate use of supplies, quiet hallways, and school rules beingfollowed.


T eamwork

Teamwork - to be comfortable sharing feelings, ideas, and suggestions so that everyone benefits.

Looks like... trust for each other, and work done together toward shared goals.