What is PBIS?

PBIS At Oaklawn Elementary

PBIS = Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports

Purpose of PBIS: to support a school community in which everyone

demonstrates positive behavior and experiences learning success. Together,

staff, students, families, and community members will teach, practice, model

and recognize our three school wide expectations, also called LION LAWS:

           blah                       Lucky the Lion                     

      Lucky the Lion = Oaklawn’s School Mascot

Other common words and phrases you might hear your child using:

  • Lion Lessons: Teaching / Learning of Lion Laws (see Behavior Matrix on back)  

  • Minors and Majors: How behaviors are described and treated

    • Majors - use of Office Discipline Referral, further actions taken by staff or principal

    • In general, 3 Minors = a Major.

    • Please use these forms of communication to talk with your child, to reinforce and support our school’s behavioral expectations.

  • All School Celebrations: Setting school-wide behavior goals and celebrating when we meet them. Past example: Chalk Fest for less majors one year compared to the year before.

  • ROARRS: Recognition Of Appropriate Respect, Responsibility, and Safety. Examples: paw stamps, classroom charts, ROARRS Recess

    • ROARRS Recess: Extra school-wide recess on a monthly basis, for students that have been demonstrating positive behaviors the past month. (0-1 Major)

    • Power Pride Session: Re-teaching and practicing of Oaklawn’s Lion Laws, during ROARRS Recess for students with 2+ Majors in past month or 2nd Major overall.

PBIS supports the mission of the School District of Menomonie by “...preparing all students  to become life-long learners, caring individuals, and responsible citizens.”  Thank-you families, for your partnership in helping to teach and reinforce positive behaviors!!!