What differences have we made?

* At Oaklawn we have reduced physical aggression at recess by over 50% over a two year period. A combination of reteaching lessons about positive recess behaviors as well as a re-design of our lunch and recess schedule are major factors in this significant positive change.

* At Oaklawn we have reduced disrespectful interactions by over 25% in a one year period by focusing on reteaching lessons at all school meetings as well as within the classroom setting.

*  Utilizing PBIS data and implementing a three tiered approach to intervention for inappropriate behavior, the number of referrals for significant emotional and/or behavioral concerns has been reduced by over 25% in a two year period.

*  Part of the tiered intervention process includes ROARRS Recess which stands for Recognition Of Appropriate Respectful, Responsible and Safe student behavior on a monthly basis and intervention in Power Pride sessions with students acquiring more than one major discipline referral within an approximate month.